Do you have frequent appointments? Then you can prepare much more easily and efficiently with our FileCalendar. This unique calendar app combines file management with your events in a professional way. 

Files such as notes, contacts, pictures, videos, presentations, links and etc. are stored directly at the wished appointment. 
Even your paperwork can be archived within your calendar appointment. An integrated camera with a scanner function is available for exactly this purpose as an In-App Purchase. 

No more annoying folder compilations, all files will be properly saved in your appointment.
You can always access your files in the respective event or in the app's file manager. Additionally, you can use multifunctional search function which leads you to all required files and events without bypass.

All files can also be renamed with a few clicks and transferred to other apps or cloud storage like "iCloud Drive". You can also post photos to social networks.

Pay attention: your files are always stored locally on your iPhone or iPad. Several options are available for sharing files across devices. We re­com­mend the "Ad­di­tio­nal func­tions for files” In-App Purcha­se. This will automatically pack all files which are already saved in an event into a backup file. You can then transfer the backup to a cloud storage of your choice with a few clicks. On the other iOS device please access the backup over the wished FileCalendar event (cloud symbol) and import the file.

Download FileCalendar Lite from the App Store and try it out for free.

Save files to the agen­da. Take notes and add con­tacts.

• When you are a sales representative, FileCalendar allows you to save important files and contact information for any upcoming appointment.

• When you're a claims adjuster or any other expert, you can create photos or small movies during your appointment with FileCalendar. The recordings will be saved in the event.

• Use ZIP file function: ask your back office for extended appointment information (offers, pricing, and negotiation options) and get that as a ZIP file send to your email account on your device. Zip files can be transferred (directly from the email attachment) with just few clicks to FileCalendar and unpacked in the event.

• Dark mode
• Built-in Camera and Scanner
• Easy-to-use app to attach files to calendar events
• Notifications for events
• Drag & drop for iPad
• Share your files with friends
• Synchronize events with the default calendar
• More than 20 common file types can be used
• Upload files to cloud apps
• Search and rename files
• Write notes
• Zip and unzip files

البائع Homburg&Schmidt UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
تاريخ النشر 02 May 2015
الاصدار 2.0.5
الحجم 15.7 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.61026

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