Nutshell Camera: Instant mini-movies with text and animation.



كم مرة كنت في اجتماع مع العائلة أو الأصدقاء وتمنيت أن تجمع عدة صور في وقت واحد وكأنها فيديو لتنقل الأجواء التي كنت تعيشها هذه اللحظة؟ هذا التطبيق فكرته بسيطة كل ما عليك هو التقاط 3 صور وسيقوم بطريقة ذكية بجمعهم كأنهم فيديو يعرض بطريقة سلسة وجميلة، المميز في التطبيق الإضافات التي ممكن أن تضعها على الصور.

Just snap 3 photos, add some fun cartoons and captions, and let Nutshell turn it all into a cool, shareable mini-movie that tells your story in seconds.

"Essentially, it’s a way of injecting motion into photos taken on your phone."
-- TechCrunch

Nutshell Camera does for video what Instagram does for photos—puts the power of visual creativity in your hands with nothing more than your phone. Except here’s the cool part: You never actually have to shoot a video.

Simply take three snaps of anything at all; Nutshell automagically creates a video with these three images as the beginning, middle, and end of your film. (In technical terms, they’re called “keyframes,” but you won’t need to know that because Nutshell makes it all so easy.)

Finally, just add your own text and choose from our library of animated cartoons to embellish your three photos and BAM! You’ve created a fun little movie you can share via social media, email, or messaging. Now, that’s entertainment!

Featured among Apple’s Best New Apps in February & March 2015.

"This Clever Video App Tackles One Of The Biggest Problems Of Modern Filmmaking”
-- Fast Company

"they have redesigned the way visual communication can work on mobile"
-- Venture Beat

"Nutshell from Prezi may be your new favorite iOS photo app”
-- SlashGear

• Library of free animated graphics that you can use to create short cinematic stories
• Instant sharing to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
• Send nutshells directly to friends email, text messages, and WhatsApp

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