Ctrl+C:Easily record your copy



Ctrl+C like a clipboard in widget and you can copy words automatically in it.
It's a useful, simple and quick tool. Help you to copy and edit words.
All you need to do is copy words and pull down Notification Center, then Ctrl+C in widget will record these contents automatically.

"Copy all" function can combine all contents to one content and copy it. You can paste it to every platforms you want to share.

- Requirement
◎ Support iOS 8 and above, iPhone 4S and newer devices.

- Features
◎ Support iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus resolution.

◎ Support iOS 8 widget to record the text that you copied from other place
When you copied a text from other place and scroll down Notification Center, the text will be appeared in widget and you can press + button to record it.

◎ Keep and list multi texts
Can record up to 10 texts, and support text editing, sorting or deleted.

◎ A key to copy all the text merge
Just one button, combine all texts listed in app for easy sharing and pasting anywhere.

◎ Save and load archive
Support save the texts to archive, you can save 10 texts in one archive, and the number of archive is unlimited.

◎ Edit text through gestures
1. Single press: Copy text
2. Long press: Edit text
3. Left slide: Delete text

◎ New user interface and themes
Now,you can change other themes anytime.

- Future updates
◎ We will provide more and better customize features!

البائع Chang Chin-Ming
تاريخ النشر 30 December 2014
الاصدار 1.17
الحجم 19.6 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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