Ai Search

Ai Search is a personalized searching solution. With it, you can narrow down your searching scope, for example: [youtube] [work out], or using a more natural tag while searching, for example: [buy] [gift]. How much more simple can you get ?! What's even better is that you can use your own personalized style to search and improve the searching accuracy and efficiency.

Ai Search is your personal search engine to search: answers, a person, a point of view, information, videos, translations, package delivery information, etc…

Ad Blocker: Remove common ads and commercial promotions from search results. Works for both Safari (Inside and outside Ai Search) and Ai Search Browser. Blocking Rules will update automatically.

Night Mode: Deeply integrated, switch automatically. It will make your dim-light reading more comfortable and more enjoyable.

In the 2.0 version, we introduce a series of new features: Ai Cloud data backup, official recommendation,and adding a webpage has become much easier than before! For users convenience, Ai Search is also compatible with iPhone and iPad.
Talk about efficiency, it supports Today Widgets in notification centre, 3D Touch shortcut, 3D Touch webpage Peek & Pop, Spotlight Search, SafariViewController, Split View, Slide Over, video PIP mode (need the website itself to support) along with a lot more new features.

Be prepared to take your search experience to a new level using Ai Search.

Have an idea? Do you have websites want to share? Shoot us an email at

البائع Tao Jiang
تاريخ النشر 17 December 2014
الاصدار 2.6
الحجم 12.6 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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