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تخيل أنك على جزيرة منعزلة في وسط المحيط والخضرة تحيط بك من كل جانب مع أصوات طيور استوائية تحلق بجانبك مع تلاطم أمواج المحيط تداعب أحاسيسك، هذه الأجواء سيضعك بها هذا التطبيق فميزته أنه إضافة للأصوات المميزة يقدم لك خلفيات ثلاثية الأبعاد تفاعلية مع إمكانية تحكم بالتأثيرات الصوتية المحيطة كما توجد لكل خلفية قصة بسيطة سيحكيها لك. المميز في التطبيق أنه يمكنك أنه كل ما استخدمته أكثر حصلت على نقاط تؤهلك لشراء خلفيات جديدة

Join over 5 million extraordinary people who enjoy some of the highest quality wellness audio apps in the world. You deserve nothing less.

Sunny helps you sleep better with highest quality beach ambiances. Mix in additional nature sounds and feel great.

Integrates with my other apps Windy, Away and Flowing! Six bays included.

Over 470,000+ people have enjoyed Sunny so far. Join us and feel Sunny!

*** Ocean-themed sequel to Best of 2014 app Windy. Featured by Apple, TUAW, and many more. ***

≈ Fantastic Audio Quality ≈

I've recorded all beach and nature sounds with a high-end psychoacoustic microphone that captures sound the way you hear. The same principles that work for 3D movies and 3D glasses also work for 3D sound with stereo headphones. All audio is encoded in 256 kbps AAC for a fantastic listening experience and perfectly looped.

≈ Sunrays ≈

Relax every day for 3 minutes or more to unlock more beaches. Or, if you prefer to cheat, unlock them all at once. Collecting sunrays is fun!

≈ Customize ≈

Sunny's fantastic nature sound mixer lets you mix in high-quality music and nature sounds. It remembers your preferences for every beach.

≈ Stats ≈

Track and view your relaxation performance on a beautiful relax session graph. With your permission, Sunny can read your daily average heart rates from Health app and overlay them on a relax session graph, so you can see how your daily average heart rate may correlate with your relax sessions. Please note that Health app integration is only available on iPhone. Sunny does not transmit your data anywhere.

≈ Features ≈

+ Six high-quality beach scenes in 3D for headphones.
+ Relax regularly to unlock new beaches.
+ Mix in music, rain, rain on tent and birds.
+ Track your relax sessions in a beautiful graph.
+ Integrates with Health app to overlay your average heart rate over a relax session chart, so you can see the correlation between your relaxation sessions and your average heart rate (iPhone only / Sunny does not measure your heart rate).

≈ Questions? ≈
Tweet @taptanium, email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page.

البائع Franz Bruckhoff
تاريخ النشر 14 January 2015
الاصدار 3.2
الحجم 83.3 MB
تقييم المتجر 5

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