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تخيل أنك على جزيرة منعزلة في وسط المحيط والخضرة تحيط بك من كل جانب مع أصوات طيور استوائية تحلق بجانبك مع تلاطم أمواج المحيط تداعب أحاسيسك، هذه الأجواء سيضعك بها هذا التطبيق فميزته أنه إضافة للأصوات المميزة يقدم لك خلفيات ثلاثية الأبعاد تفاعلية مع إمكانية تحكم بالتأثيرات الصوتية المحيطة كما توجد لكل خلفية قصة بسيطة سيحكيها لك. المميز في التطبيق أنه يمكنك أنه كل ما استخدمته أكثر حصلت على نقاط تؤهلك لشراء خلفيات جديدة

Sleep great and boost your productivity with Sunny on the beach! I've created Sunny because I wanted to sleep better, and it works! Get Sunny now, sleep great tonight!

Let the most beautiful beach and ocean soundscapes lull you to sleep quickly. Explore a great variety of sceneries and discover your favorite.

Sunny features Taptanium™ certified nature audio, which means that all nature audio within is crystal clear, exhibiting absolutely zero human made noise intrusions. No people, no airplanes, no trucks whatsoever. Just wonderful nature with infinite playback. Taptanium™ certified nature audio comes from the most pristine sources such as Hawaii and has been mastered to perfection with the highest attainable level of attention to detail, spending many of hours of analysis for every minute of audio while utilizing artificial intelligence to detect even the most distant human-made noise intrusions that humans are nearly incapable of recognizing under normal circumstances. Only the purest and highest quality nature sounds in the world can attain this certification.

Experience Taptanium™ neural 3D audio™. If you put on headphones, Sunny creates an incredible sense of immersion. The nature and water plays all around you, not just on your ears. This is called externalization, and it's encoded in a way that your brain naturally decodes. As if you were there.

Mix and match multiple sounds to your liking by adding some extra rain on a tent or sea birds around you. Get the great sleep and productivity you deserve.

On top, Sunny features relaxing music composed and conducted specifically for Sunny in Hollywood.

Sunny comes from the creator of Thunderspace, Windy, Away, Flowing and Rainy. Join over 5 million people who use them to sleep better, to meditate, to focus on their work or studies, or to help their kids sleep.

Curious about Sunny? Buy it now, sleep great tonight, and spare yourself expensive in-app purchases and subscription fees because in Sunny everything is already included. No extra costs.

Sunny includes so many things:
• A great variety of beaches and bays, infinitely looped
• Unlimited playback time
• Taptanium™ neural 3D audio™ (incredibly immersive)
• Taptanium™ certified quality nature audio
• Adjustable fade-out and sleep timer
• Full background audio support
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad
• No in-app purchases
• No subscription
• Beautiful audiovisual experience
• Track your relax sessions in a beautiful graph. Sunny does not transmit your data anywhere.
• Integrates with Health app to overlay your average heart rate over a relax session chart, so you can see the correlation between your relaxation sessions and your average heart rate (iPhone only / Sunny does not measure your heart rate).
• NEW: Remote Control support! Enable/Disable in iOS Settings under "Sunny".
• NEW: Optimized for iPhone X, XR, XS & XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max & iPad Pro!

Frequently featured by Apple and the press. Give Sunny a try, sleep great tonight!

≈ Questions? ≈
Tweet @taptanium, email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page. Happy to hear from you. Made with lots of love in Germany.

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