Bond - With People That Matter



We’re living in a world that is more connected than ever before and yet, we often fail to keep in touch with people. Sometimes even with our close friends and family. Bond is a simple app that reminds you to keep in touch with all the people that really matter to you.

You have different ways to keep in touch with different people. The first version of the app had options to Call, Text or send someone a Facebook message. The new version integrates with WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Emails, giving you more ways to keep in touch with your personal as well as professional connections.

The way it works is, for each service, you simply select all the people you wish to keep in touch with and then select how often you’d like to contact each one of them. Once set up, the app schedules regular reminders for you. When you get a reminder, you simply swipe the notification open and you get an option to contact that person right away, leaving no room for procrastination.

You know how hard it is to meet people that you genuinely connect with. Keep in touch with them and build a stronger bond with people that matter.

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