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تطبيق يمكنك من عد أي شيء تريد القيام به مثلاً تريد ممارسة رياضة أو أي تعلم أي عادة. افتح التطبيق ثم اختر اسم للأمر الذي تريده واختر عدد المرات المستهدف الوصول إليها وباقي التفاصيل وانتهى الأمر، عندما تريد حساب رقم اسحب إلى اليمين ولإنقاص عدد اسحب لليسار.

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Happy Goals - the goal of this app is simple - to help you achieve your goals!
With its simple yet elegant interface that utilizes gestures, you can track your progress in achieving your goals.
No due dates! No complex stuff! No complex screen navigation!
Just the info that you need.

- *NEW* 3D Touch on Home Screen for quickly adding new goals
- Can add new Goals or Habits to track
- Can edit Goals anytime (name, target value, current value, and stepper value)
- Beautiful and colorful UI
- Easily determine progress using the % display
- Utilizes gestures to perform tasks such as:
** Swipe to increase or decrease progress
** Long press on a goal then drag to reorder
** Shake to trigger edit mode
- 1 screen only, gets rid of navigation headaches!

- List all your goals at the start
- Add Goals as new ones come to mind
- Update progress by swiping
- Add iOS emoji in the Goal name to make it prettier
- Sample goals to get you started:
** Study Hours (target: 100, stepper: 1)
** Local Travel (target: 50, stepper: 1)
** International Travel (target: 100, stepper: 1)
** Donate Money $ (target: 50, stepper: 1)
** Create Mobile Apps (target: 1000, stepper: 1)

- This app is available for iPhones only (for now). Please feel free to email us if you think that an iPad version would be good too.

Please show your love to the app by rating as 5 stars.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at feedback@happyteamlabs.com.

Thank you, and we hope you'll enjoy using Happy Goals.

البائع Happy Team Labs
تاريخ النشر 18 May 2014
الاصدار 1.2
الحجم 4.9 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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