Who Uses My WiFi? (WUMW) Protect your network from intruders



هل تشعر دائماً أن هناك من عرف كلمة مرور الواي فاي الخاصة بك ويستخدم شبكتك؟ هذا التطبيق البسيط سوف يجعلك تعلم عدد الأجهزة المتصلة على الشبكة وأسماءهم وإذا وجدت شخص غريب فإن التطبيق يمكنه أن يصنع لك كلمة مرور معقدة لا تخترق

Whether you're troubleshooting poor performance on your own wireless network, or you're trying to figure out how overloaded the hotel Wi-Fi is where you're staying, Who Uses My WiFi is the app that can show you exactly what the name implies.

Most of us have WiFi routers in our homes these days, and without the proper security, someone could easily hop onto your wireless network.

Who Uses My WiFi shows you exactly who is connected to your network and helps you create a safe password if you need to.

Nobody will ever steal your internet connection again!

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