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تطبيق طقس وساعة لكنه يأتي بشكل جديد، تضيف أكثر من مدينة ثم بتحريك اصبعك لأعلى أو أسفل فإنك تحرك الوقت لترى ما المقابل له في المدن الأخرى، وباختيار أي مدينة يظهر لك معلومات تفصيلية عنها مثل الاحداثيات وكم تبعد عن موقعك الحالي، درجة الحرارة فيها، وموعد الشروق والغروب وسرعة الرياح. كما تستطيع أن تضبط مؤقت لموعد ما في توقيت هذه الدولة

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What time is in Tokyo right now?
What will be the time in Melbourne if in Milan is 9:42 AM?
What’s the distance from Abu Dhabi to Miami?
Can you remind me when in Madrid it’s 23 o’clock?
What’s the weather in San Francisco right now?

All these questions easily have an answer with Globo, a stunning world clock with a gorgeous feature-rich yet easy to use interface.
If you travel a lot, need to stay connected with other people around the world or you're just simply curious to discover informations about different locations in the world, Globo is the perfect app for you.
With a clean graphic, an innovative and simple navigation and a great user experience, Globo is your best companion for your time check needs.
Last but not least, did I say Globo is completely offline and also the WHOLE world map is covered?

• Gorgeous user interface with time-based colors.
• Find every location in the world.
• Create a list of your favorite clocks and manage them in a completely new way.
• Useful data for every location: time zone, time interval and distance from another location, coordinates, weather and much more!
• Change the time in a location and instantly see how it change in other places in the world.
• Create up to 64 custom location-based alarms.
• Can work completely offline.

• Long press the clocks screen and then drag around your finger to quickly change the date.
• Swipe left every clock to delete it.
• Tap everywhere on map or weather section of every clock to display informations in different formats.

To fully enjoy Globo's features location services are required.
Internet connection is not required but necessary for some features (weather, all world map coverage).

If you're going to download Globo, please rate and leave a comment!
And if you find a problem, want to give a suggestion or simply your thoughts don't hesitate to contact me. With your help I can improve Globo even more!

البائع Marco Torretta
تاريخ النشر 26 February 2014
الاصدار 1.3.3
الحجم 5.5 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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