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بعض تطبيقات الفيديو تقوم بالتعديل عليه وتضيف هجوم فضائي أو مؤثرات سينمائية، البعض الآخر يقص مشهد ما، هناك تطبيقات أخرى تعرض الفيديو معكوس أو بمؤثرات مضحكة. أما هذا التطبيق فهو يمكنك من دمج أكثر من فيديو داخل الفيديو نفسه، فمثلاً أثناء تصويرك لأطفالك يلعبون كانت زوجتك تصور طفل آخر يقفز مرحاً أثناء مشاهدته لهم، فتريد مشاهدة المشهدين معاً. هذا الفيديو يمكنك من وضع فيديو داخل الآخر بحيث يظهر كشاشة صغيرة في أي من الأجناب كما في صور التطبيق

The FAST and EASY-TO-USE video editing application!

Videos in Video is an easy video editor with fast editing features with which you can place multiples videos, photos and music within an existing video, it will turn your videos into professional looking edited movies and it can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Flicker and Email in seconds; here are some of the amazing features:

Easy-to-use to join, crop, cut, rotate and flip videos & photos
Support adding videos, photos, and music as many as you have into one video (no video volume and time limitation)
Shape your videos and photos in any shape
Cut out any unwanted moments
Crop videos/images and adjust scale (precise frame-by-frame cropping)
Rotate videos/images by ANY degree
Adjust placement and size of photo/video with easy drag
Adjust transparency of photo/video
Synchronize image in video showing time and set duration time
Generate excellent video output
Share multi video montages in seconds
No internet connection required
Superior customer support and updates


1) To merge multiples videos/photos into one video, tap the plus sign icon (+ Button) to add videos/photos from your camera roll. Hold and drag the video clip icons to rearrange the order;

2) To cut unwanted video moment, firstly tap on the video clip, click on “Edit” button from the menu and then select “Crop & Cut”, select the video portion with precise frame-by-frame and then mark "Start" & "End" time to remove the unwanted moment;
3) To delete a video clip, tap the video clip and then press the garbage can icon;
4) To delete the whole project, tap on the background video and then press the garbage can icon;
5) To add music, tap the "Music" button, and then tap "Add music". You can adjust the volume of the music video with the volume controller.

We're looking forward to any feedback and comments on the Videos in Video, and if you have any question or problems, please contact

We are committed to your long-term satisfaction. Thanks!

البائع Jacky Wu
تاريخ النشر 09 January 2014
الاصدار 1.6
الحجم 31.4 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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