DEAD TRIGGER 2 Zombie Survival



بعد النجاح المدوي الدي حصل عليه الجزء الأول من اللعبة، وبعد طول انتظار تم إصدار الجزء الثاني من DEAD TRIGGER لإكمال سلسلة الهروب من الزومبيز التي تغزو المدينة والحصول على مكان أمن لقتالها مع أصدقاءك حول العالم. تمتاز اللعبة بالجرافيكس الرائع والتحكم السهل، اللعبة يونيفرسال

* Over 100 Million downloads *
* Award-winning Non-Stop FPS Action Zombie Shooter *

Get ready for the assault: It is time for you to rise up and fight for your survival in a zombie apocalypse in this heart-stopping First Person Shooter (FPS) adventure!

▶ Build your personal Hideout and meet the Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler, Medic, and Engineer.
▶ Unlock 10 regions and plan a strategy for 33 different battlefields. Save the world!
▶ More than 600 gameplay war scenarios and intensive storytelling campaigns.
▶ More than 70 types of gun weapons. It was never so easy to kill Zombies!

Wipe out the zombie hordes in a variety of imaginative ways. This Zombie FPS shooter is full of evil action!

▶ Choose between a touch control or an enhanced virtual joystick. Best FPS controls ever!
▶ Use brutal melee weapons like the Wrench, Bats, Hammers, Katana, Chainsaw, Swords, Machetes!
▶ Powerful Pistols, Rifles, SMG, Miniguns, Rocket launchers, Shotguns to even experimental weapons!
▶ Fun and entertaining gadgets from Mines, Turrets to lethal Chickens!

*Every week new Tournaments in the beautiful Arenas. Kills Zombies with style. *

At MADFINGER Games we’ve always challenged ourselves to push the boundaries on mobile devices, and we’re proud of our console quality FPS shooter games. From cutting edge graphics to our precise FPS control system, over 240 million players worldwide have been blown away by our innovative approach and dedication to quality. We are the best developer who is developing FPS action shooting games for mobile since 2010.

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البائع MADFINGER Games, a.s.
تاريخ النشر 23 October 2013
الاصدار 1.6.7
الحجم 1.03 GB
تقييم المتجر 4.70992

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