Double note – best and fast way to edit two different notes in the same time



لأن نظام iOS لا تقسيم شاشة الجهاز إلى شاشتين فأحياناً أثناء الكتابة وتلخيص بعض النقاط نتنقل بين الملاحظات، هذا التطبيق يقسم شاشة جهازك إلى قسمين لتكتب في كل منهم ما تشاء بدلاً من التنقل بين الملاحظات وهو مفيد لمن يلخص أي نقاط أو يستخدم جهازه في الكتابة وا

Double Note, as the name implies, is simply the most efficient and headache-free way to edit various notes simultaneously. Put another way, all of your note-editing issues will be a complete thing of the past from here on out!

Hey, it’s a fact of life that we sometimes have to multi-task at a lot of different things that we tackle. So that begs the question, why not do it efficiently and as productively as humanly possible?! Eyesoft, the maker of Double Note, understands this perfectly, which is why we have Double Note.

Double Note makes it exceptionally easy to deal with two notes at the same time. All you have to do is copy text from one note to the other (all the notes you’ll be working with), thereby systemizing all of your records.

To read two notes at the very same time, just hold onto both of them at the same time on the same screen. This allows you to simply and efficiently edit any two notes you want!

It has been designed for both your iPad and your iPhone. Get it today!

البائع Bogdan Novikov
تاريخ النشر 18 September 2013
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