شاهد جميع الحيوانات التى تتمنى أن تشاهدها عن طريق هذا التطبيق المميز حيث يستخدم تقنية الواقع الأفتراضى وسوف تظهر جميع الحيوانات أمامك على أى سطح أو مكان تجلس فيه ولكن بعد تحميل التطبيق قم بالدخول إلى موقع التطبيق وإطبع الورقة التى يطلبها التطبيق أو قم بهذة الخدعة وإستخدم الأى باد بدلاً من طباعة الورقة

This is what we’ve all been waiting for, a beautiful Augmented Reality app that does not require a printed marker. Now you can use just about any surface to create your own AR marker. Imagine watching a giraffe towering over computer keyboard or a horse galloping on top of a newspaper. The possibilities are limitless! The technology of the future is HERE!

40+ Animals with 9 Different Categories:
Choose anything from the esteemed American Bald Eagle to the mysterious Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. The ZooKazam animal library is growing each month. Choose animals from the following list of categories:
• Birds
• Fish
• Mammals
• Dinosaurs
• Invertebrates
• Amphibians
• Insects
• Reptiles
• Pets

Powerful Graphical Engine
ZooKazam is a powerful app that uses the latest AR (Augmented Reality) technology so you see 3D animals from every angle with full animation. These animals appear so realistic that you will not believe what you’re seeing. Every detail is taken into consideration; the animals have fur, blink their eyes, and even have synchronized shadows.

Not Just Fun, Also a Great Educational Tool
Educators around the globe use ZooKazam in the classroom to teach kids what animals eat, where they live and their conservation status laced with many other fun and interesting facts. Students learn using detailed info-graphics that appear right on the screen with the 3D animal.

“We use ZooKazam in our early learning centers every week. The kids are hooked to this amazing app and learn more about Dinosaurs and mammals than any text book.”

“We love the educational content in ZooKazam which is easy for kids to understand and fun to learn.”

Universally Loved
Whether you want to use ZooKazam in the classroom or just want to amaze your friends with the most powerful AR experience, ZooKazam is universally loved. The ZooKazam audience includes:
• Teachers
• Students
• Parents
• Children
• Photographers
• Animal Enthusiasts

Special Features
Explore all the hidden features in ZooKazam by selecting the Settings button. You can add snow or rain to your scene and even change the educational voice over from teacher to student. ZooKazam also includes over 6 different photo filters (such as black & white or fish eye) to jazz up your images. After taking a photo or video with your favorite animal, you can share them instantly to social media from within the app. The list of other special features includes:
• Flashlight
• Front facing camera
• Gyroscope controlled orientation
• Climate control weather
• 6 photo filters
• Social media integration
• High resolution photo and video capture with sound
• Extended target feature for unlimited AR experience

Award Winning
ZooKazam is an award winning AR app created by an award winning team that is downloaded and used across the globe. Find out for yourself what the buzz is all about and learn more about the team at www.zookazam.com.

Users describe ZooKazam as "WOW" or "This is AMAZING". Experience the fun and educational possibilities of Augmented Reality by downloading ZooKazam4 today!

ZooKazam works with iOS 7 or higher, but works best with iOS 9. Due to the use of such high-quality graphics, ZooKazam works best with iPhone 5s or higher.

البائع Atlanta AR Design, LLC
تاريخ النشر 10 October 2013
الاصدار 4.3.0
الحجم 75.0 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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