iColorfulsoft Photo Editor

iColorfulsoft Photo Editor is one of the best and easy-to-use photo editing software. With it, you can make your favorite picture by few steps. Its unique editing photo, collaging picture frames and various photo effects functionalities allow you to create awesome pictures with ease. Overall, iColorfulsoft Photo editing software is your best choice compared with similar photo editors. You can download it to enjoy right now!

Edit Photos
Crop Photo: Users are able to crop pictures freely after they are selected. It allows you to optimize the photo size according to your need, you can also adjust the picture size with 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2, 2:3, 16:9, 9:16 provided by iColorfulsoft Photo Editor.

Rotate Photo
Users can adjust photo position by rotating photos from left, right, horizontal direction four modes.

Various Fabulous Frames
You can choose mounts of beautiful frames based on classic and frame styles. And you can even download more favorite ones.

Photo Special Effect
Classic, fashion and artistic three photo effect styles can be selected. A large variety of popular stylized effects like rock, gothic,auto contrast, auto tone, blur, sharpen, black & white high contrast styles to modify your photos. Plus, users can download more other photo special effects to meet their needs.

Colorful Characters
Add speech bubbles to any photo easily without PhotoShop. Unload a photo, then select a ballon and add text. You are allowed to choose style of characters as well as its color and transparency.

Adjust Photo Effect
You can adjust a picture's relative lightness (brightness), the difference between its darkest and lightest areas (contrast), and the transparency (transparency: The quality that defines how much light passes through an object's pixels. If an object is 100 percent transparent, light passes through it completely and renders the object invisible; in other words, you can see through the object.) of its colors.

Add Ornament Effect
Apply fun different style of picture, character and other ornament effects to your photo.

Collage Picture Frames
iColorfulsoft Photo Editor offers you many collage features, including a generous selection of templates, photo stitching and free collage that you can arrange multiple pictures to finish your creation with a well-designed frame.

Download Various of Templates
A wide range of pre-customized templates like special effects, characters, picture frames, backgrounds, etc. are provided for your to create your favorite photos.

If you have any question and suggestion, please contact us freely via appsupport@icolorfulsoft.com.

البائع iColorfulsoft
تاريخ النشر 25 June 2013
الاصدار 1.5
الحجم 72.6 MB
تقييم المتجر 3.5

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