Pure Flickr - Browse, edit, upload, comment, share, favorite and view your Flickr photos in a pure and simple app



Pure Flickr brings Flickr photo sharing on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Designed to bring a pure and simple Flickr experience, you can BROWSE photos in the Flickr universe. UPLOAD photos, and TAKE & EDIT your photos with our powerful editing engine.

A simple and Clean User Interface with even simpler ease of use. We have removed most navigation buttons and invite you to use left, right, up and down swipe gestures to navigate the app.

Most SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL Flickr app on the AppStore. Follow us on facebook.com/PureFlickr.

Please use the Facebook page for any feedback. We can't respond to reviews in the AppStore. We listen and answer back. Our aim is to continuously update the app to suit your needs. Ideas are always welcomed.

Key Features :

=== BROWSING ===

- Universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

- Retina support for iPhone4/4S and new iPad.

- Browse your own photos, your favorites, your friends feeds, what is interesting and the most recent photos in a easy to browse way.

- Pure gesture based app. Double tap images to favorite/un-favorite. Swipe left/right to navigate. Tap image to isolate for scaling.

- Support for viewing random Flickr users photos and discussions.

- Full screen photo viewing (Landscape and Portrait).

- Search function by keyword. Great to get direct to the source.


- Upload photos directly from your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Use the device's photo library as source or simply use the device camera to shoot your own awesome photos.

- During upload you can specify title, description and privacy settings.

- Edit your photos with our powerful editor. Our editor has the following features:

- Basic: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Sharpness.

- Scenes: Original, Backlit, Darken, Cloudy, Shade, Sunset, Night, Flash, Flourescent, Portrait, Sand/Snow, Landscape, Theatre & Food.

- Rotate: Left, Right, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical.

- Crop: Custom, Original, 1:1, 3:4, 4:6, 5:7, 8:10, 9:16.

- Enhance: Low Pass, Medium Pass, High Pass.

- Tilt Shift: Circular, Linear, Ellipse/Oval.

- Advanced: Vignette, Shadows, Highlights, Temperature, Tint, RGB Sliders, Curves.

- Frames: Various frames to choose from that are great for finding that perfect fit for your photos.

- Stickers: Want to add love hearts, moustaches and many more fun stickers? Then this feature is for you!

- Effects: Add various effects such as Analog, Lomo, Light Leaks and various other effects that enhance your photos stylistically.

- Text: Add your own typography, choose from a wide range of fonts. Rotate, Outline, Change Color and give your photos that personal touch with messages or add your own graphic design style.

- Pixelate: Rub your images to set areas of pixelation. Adjust the pixel size. Great feature for all pixel fans out there.

All editing features can be stored in history to allow you to undo your edits. It also comes with a store attached which allows you download more freebies or upgrade to some premium editing features. All of the above features are instantly free to use :)

=== SHARING ===

- Share photos with friends via Facebook,Twitter or simply download to your photo stream.

=== ACCOUNT ===

- Support for having multiple Flickr accounts active. This is ideal for households sharing an iPad or for people with multiple identities online.

- A flickr account is NOT required. Pure Flickr can be used by people who just want to explore flickr.

- Supports all iPod, iPhone and iPad screen orientations.

- As a universal application, Pure Flickr can be enjoyed on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


"See Flickr In A Fresh New Perspective On The iPhone With Pure" - Appadvice.com.

"A clean, minimalist iPhone client for your Yahoo-hosted photos" - The Next Web.

*This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.
**Twitter button only works when the Twitter application is running in the background.


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