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Save money and be a smart traveler. Currency is a simple currency converter app. With over 160 currencies from all over the world you'll always be up-to-date, whether you're planning a trip or are lost deep in the Amazon. Build a list of your favorite currencies for quick access to conversions.

Having a money converter app on hand while traveling is helpful to always know real conversion rates. As a business, money exchanges typically add fees and bend the exchange rate in their favor to turn a profit. So make sure to calculate your money, in the app, before converting at an exchange. We update currency data daily so you always know you’re getting the best foreign exchange rates straight from the bank.

Money conversion is made simple with our gesture based interface. Swipe the keyboard down to access the list of five free favorites, swipe left for quick access to historical charts. Tap on your favorites to set the base currency. Delete the base currency amount by swiping right or restore it by dragging it back.

Convert currency like a pro with our premium features. Including a night theme, currency calculator, and access to favoriting all currencies.

* Currency Calculator
The calculator can help make complex conversions easier. Whether you’re adding up a restaurant bill, splitting travel expenses, or exchange rate fees

All Currencies
Access to unlimited favorites including our most popular: Japanese Yen JPY, United States Dollars USD, Euro EUR, British Pound GBP, Mexican Pesos MXN. We also support precious metals like Gold XAU, Silver XAG, and Bitcoin BTC!

With Currency app you get..
· Offline mode for exchange without internet
· Simple gesture based interface
· Live historical charts, with data updated daily
· Watch app
· Today widget
· Night Theme (Premium)
· Monitor up to five free conversion favorites
· List your favorites to compare
· Currency calculator
· Up-to-date rates for today

View 6 months of historical exchange rate data that updates live to the converted amount. Make decisions from the trend line to find the best time to convert money.

“Currency converter apps don’t get much prettier than this” - FastCo Design
“Currency looks gorgeous, and is super-simple to use.” - Cult of Mac
“Best New App” - Apple

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