iSafeNotes - Only the best apps!

A worthy alternative to the native Notes!

Very simple and pleasant to use notes app! Once you start using it, you will understand how you missed him. This program will become your constant companion!

There is nothing superfluous in the interface, but still have everything you need. Honed interface intuitively easy control.

Hide your thoughts, set a password for your Notes and do not worry!

Cover your password your notes from prying eyes.

Record your notes, deeds, thoughts, poems. Share individual notes with others.

Use real-time restoration of function of any notes, if you accidentally wrongly changed its awkward movement.

Adjust the size, font type, color in sounds.

Back up and restore your notes with your desktop computer.

In the notes has a function of dual password. The main password and master password (Reserve). In case you lose the password, you can reset the master password and regain access with a master password.

The Fast and the complete removal of all of the notes from the device with protection against accidental deletion.

If you accidentally change the type of a password when accessing the program, such as letters to numbers, you can restore the correct type of keyboard entry through the settings of the device by selecting it in the list of our application.

Help and support is available on:

On the program's website


If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to offer. Be sure pooschrayte us your feedback about the application. This will inspire and are contributing to the further development of the program.

If you have any problems, do not rush to put a bad evaluation. Contact us and we'll help you, listen. It is very important for you to be satisfied!
Stay with us!

البائع Saveliy Severniy
تاريخ النشر 09 February 2013
الاصدار 1.5
الحجم 9.6 MB
تقييم المتجر 0

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