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هل لديك فواتير هامة عليك الأحتفاظ بها أو تريد الأحتفاظ بأوراق على الآيفون بصيغة PDF هذا التطبيق سيساعدك في ذلك بسرعة وسهولة كل ما عليك تصوير الورقة ثم تحديدها في الصورة وهو سيحولها لصفحة كاملة بصيغة PDF ويمكن الأحتفاظ بها بأيفرنوت أو أي خدمة سحابية آخرى كدروب بوكس أو جوجل درايف أو غيرها كما يمكن طباعتها أو إرسالها بالبريد الألكتروني

Tired of convoluted and unnecessarily complicated iOS Scanners? Look no further. With JetScanner, you will scan beautiful documents as easy as 1,2,3. Just scan, validate and save as PDF smoothly, without complications.

JetScanner 3.1 features:

+ Automatic Border Detection with auto image snap +
+ Black and white filter for beautiful paper scans +
+ Save as PDF and email or open in other applications +
+ Crop image as you desired +
+ Simplicity +

+ Flexible +
JPG to PDF can be as powerful as you want. Want a simple converter? You got it. Want to perform image rotation or image filters? You got it.

+ Fast and secure +
Every PDF conversion is done right on your device. That means all your images and files are securely stored on your device and the conversion is done in seconds (As it should be!)

+ Organized +
Manage your PDF documents with folder management and file naming. Keep the app uncluttered when you have a lot of PDFs!

+ Share and Print (PRO) +
Export and share all your PDF documents right from the app with a single tap. Send via iMessage, Open in other apps, Print, etc.

تاريخ النشر 20 February 2013
الاصدار 3.1.1
الحجم 46.5 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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