Pilo3:An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D



-Featured on the iTunes Korea Home Page
-Featured on the iTunes Korea Kids > Best for Ages 5
-Featured on the iTunes Korea Interactive kids stories

-2012 Won in Smart Contents 2012 Awards (Education/Books category)
-2012 Won "Grand Prize"in Smart App Awards 2012 (Children's Education)
-2012 Won “First Prize” in Econovation Award at the KT App Creation Contest
-2012 Won “Excellence Award” in the Seoul Character Promotion and Pitching Contest
Book department of App store in North America: book 3 ranked 4th (2012. 12)
Book department of App store in Japan: book 1 ranked 9th, book 2 ranked 11th, and book 3 ranked 12th (2012. 12)
Book department of App store in China: book 1 ranked 13th, book 2 ranked 19th, and book 3 ranked 17th (2012. 12)
Book department of App store in Korea: book 1 ranked 3rd, book 2 ranked 5th, and book 3 ranked 6th (2012. 12)
Ranked 6th overall at Podgate and 1st in book department (2012. 12)
Charts at the App store of N Store: book 2 ranked 3rd (2012. 12)
Selected as Today’s Featured Apps of Appheroes: book 3 (2012. 12)
2012 Selected as pilot support project for Animation pre-production by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
-2012 Selected as overseas marketing support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
2012 Selected as translation support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
2011 Selected as support project for smart content by the Korea Creative Content Agency-
2011 Finalist in the SPP Competition-

●Pilo series, real-time 3D Story books
●3D animation app book, emotion as warm as parents' love
●Language education: English/Chinese/Korean recorded by professional native dubbing artists

● Pilo is smart content that is a pure original creation in Korea.
● Experience an amazing world of imagination and Pilo, a warm pillow doll, in your dream every night.
● 3D animations of friends in the dream world and interactive effects suitable for various stories will provide the whole family with pleasant memories.
■ Major functions

Listening in Korean/English/Chinese: You can listen to the Pilo story in Korean/English/Chinese recorded by professional dubbing artists, while watching animations.

Choice of characters: You can choose the main character that you want, either a boy (Tommy) or a girl (Sunny).

Decoration of Pilo: When you choose and change the clothes of Pilo as you want, then it will be applied. If you touch Pilo, there will be character interactions.

Interactions: Scene after scene, funny and wonderful interactive effects will increase interest in reading.

① Matching the key (Please match the shadow shaped like the picture to open the door. If it matches, the door will be opened.)
② Slicing fruits (Will Pilo be able to slice fruits well, like Futi?)
③ Playing the drum (Let’s practice the drum, which Pilo learned from Tommy.)
④ Making a cake (Let's make Toto's birthday cake together. You can make the shape of the cake you want by moving pieces.)
⑤ Making a train (Let’s make a train with Pilo’s magic stars. Please touch the train-like shadow on the bottom of the screen.)
⑥ Traveling by train (We will travel to the moon land where Toto lives together with friends. If you touch the train, it will jump and get a star.)

● Service Contact: piloworld@gmail.com

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تاريخ النشر 14 December 2012
الاصدار 2.5
الحجم 187.5 MB
تقييم المتجر 5

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