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تطبيق للكتابة ويضم مزايا كثيرة، فهو يمكنك من تنسيق النصوص وحجم الخط ووضع نقاط هامة وإضافة جداول. ويضم نماذج جاهزة للرسائل وغيرها، كما يدعم المزامنة مع الدروب بوكس لحفظ ما قمت بكتابته بالإضافة إلى قراءة الملفات في الدروب بوكس سواء نصية أو PDF وغيرها

## The All New *Matcha Word Processor (3.1)* is here! You can find it from "Related" menu.

Reached “Top 10 productivity apps in 58 countries“
Featured as “Distraction Free - App for Writers” in App Store

“After years of loyal devotion to iA Writer, which is an absolutely excellent app for writing, my new primary writing tool is Matcha“
― Siva Om,

Matcha is an all-new writing app designed to make writing easy and fun in a relaxing, peaceful writing environment that’s simple and enjoyable. Matcha doesn’t get in your way. It gives writer the room to do just what any writers want to do: “Write”.

Matcha gives writers:
+uncluttered, clean workspace
+WYSIWYG Markdown text processor
+a number of sharing options
+12 themes and 5 typefaces
+reliable and fast iCloud & Dropbox sync
+universal full-text search
+full bluetooth keyboard support (with shortcut)
+seamless integration with Fleksy keyboard, TextExpander, and LauncherPro.
and much more.
See all features at

Matcha takes its inspiration from your favorite brew. You just sit down, relax, and enjoy it. Download Matcha and experience a new kind of writing—one that’s easy to use, peaceful, and gives you space to be creative.

“What can I say? This is easily the best fully-fledged word processing app I've ever used, and one that will definitely be holding a permanent spot on my iPhone and iPad . . . it is impossible to find anything negative to say.”

البائع InterAre, PT
تاريخ النشر 21 November 2012
الاصدار 2.0.4
الحجم 15.3 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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