Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

هل لديك موعد أو مناسبة تحصي الأيام لها، مثل الزواج أو انتظار مولود وغيرها؟ هذا التطبيق لك فهو يمكنك من إضافة مواعيدك الهامة والتي تريد الحصول على عداد تنازلي لها لكي تعلم تحديداً كم تبقى عليها، ويمكن أن يظهر لك على أيقونة التطبيق عدد الأيام المتبقية، كما يظهر لك المواعيد من الفيس بوك والتقويم في جهازك، وهو يتميز بجمال التصميم. تطبيق رائع يستحق التحميل لمن يحصي الأيام انتظاراً لحدث هام.

Countdown to an event, birthday, concert, holidays, any events in your life with the best countdown app as touted by our users! With features such as auto reminders, count down calendar planner, holidays calendar, facebook event countdowns and much more, we ensure that you’ll Never Forget an Event Again. Spice up your events with images that include instagram style filters and configurable counter units to make counting even more fun! Easy utilization for your birthday reminder, concert countdown, holiday calendar, vacation tracker, this countdown app is free and jam-packed with features to make counting a breeze.


Countdown Calendar
• Create countdown timers to unlimited number of events
• Calendar planner that allows you to view your device calendars and select important events to add to your countdowns
• Sync your Facebook events to your device and add to your list of countdowns
• Observe national holidays with holiday calendars from different countries around the world
• Countdown app smart reminder alarms that notify you more frequently as the event approaches
• Count up from past events to see the time since the event occurred

Customizable Countdowns
• Choose the timer display style, font, and colors
• Select countdown timer units in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds
• Assign images to your Countdown events from a large collection of image packs and apply instagram style filters to make your countdowns fun

Social Capabilities
• Share your birthday countdown card so friends and family can get reminders on your birthday
• Follow family and friends to get event notifications when they share public events
• Calendar sharing with event codes that allow family and friends to share in tracking to the same events in your countdown calendar

More features
• Sync events across all your devices on different app and web platforms
• Backup private events to prevent data loss
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تاريخ النشر 09 October 2012
الاصدار 4.5.2
الحجم 89.3 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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