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Do you know how to assign a photo to a contact?
Do you know how to change sounds?
Do you know how to save your battery life?
Do you know how to save network bandwidth?

Looking to get the most of your iPhone? But there are still so much about your iPhone that you don't know.
So, weedo is here. This time weedo brings you Tips & Tricks for iPhone and iOS 6.Tips & Tricks has over 200+ must learn tips to help you be the expert of your iPhone. It is easy, simple and powerful! Whether you are a new user or a long-timeone,it is specially designed for you to be a power user.

Our Features:
★★iOS 6 New Features
-----The lastest and most complete iOS 6 new features
★★Must Know iPhone Tips
-----Must Know iPhone Tips for beginners and long-time users
★★Apps for New iPhone Users
-----Apps for New iPhone Users to make iPhone powerful and useful
★★ iPhone Tips & Tricks
-----Over 200+ must know tips for your iPhone
★★Cute and Simple Interface
-----Cute and simple interface to lead the way to a better, more amazing and useful iPhone experience

We will continuously support and update our app to make it ever better. And we hope our app can really help you and others around you.
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