White Noise and Nature Sounds


Relax and fall asleep by listening to THE BEST nature, water, machine and ocean sounds with amazing quality "LONG LOOP TECHNOLOGY".

Do you miss the noise of the rain, your fan or the sounds of cars passing by in the night? Are you away from home and need to block out annoying noises and get some much needed quality sleep? Sleep better with these amazing ambient sounds.

We have selected the most relaxing sounds for you, designed using 'long loop' technology. Relax to falling rain, gentle streams, seagulls and beach sounds, a gentle lapping sea, lawnmower cutting grass in the summer and many more.


-Beautifully designed and simple to use
-Over 60 incredible sounds to help you sleep and relax
-Excellent audio quality designed by professional sound engineer
-Rate each sound and search by your favourites
-Stunning high quality photos
-Sleep timer: Set how long you want the sounds to play for before they stop. Perfect for falling sleep.


♬ Beach ♬ gentle sea ♬ lake ♬ north sea ♬ ocean and fog horn ♬ pirate ship ♬ rain ♬ scuba ♬ cat ♬ cowbell ♬ crickets ♬ horse on road ♬ horse ♬ pony ♬ cicadas ♬ evening forest ♬ owls ♬ seagulls ♬ spring forest ♬ brown noise ♬ clock ♬ driving ♬ hair dryer ♬ sea ♬ small waterfall ♬ sprinkler ♬ storm ♬ stream ♬ water and rocks ♬ water in stream ♬ waves and sea gulls ♬ highway ♬ inflight ♬ lawnmower ♬ pink noise ♬ sprinkler ♬ steam ♬ train ♬ turbine ♬ washer ♬ white noise ♬ canyon ♬ chimes ♬ drums ♬ music box ♬ percussion ♬ violin ♬ eerie forest ♬ farmyard ♬ fire ♬ howling wind ♬ village ♬ wheat ♬ snoring ♬ accordian ♬ crowd ♬ India ♬ thunder

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تاريخ النشر 27 August 2012
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