Zone Zero



الألعاب الكلاسيكية يكون لها طابع خاص ومن أشهر هذا النوع من الألعاب هو الصياد الذي يتحرك أمامه طيور وعليه اصطيادها. لعبة زون زيرو الشهيرة تقدم هذا الأمر مع تحسينات عليها فأنت تقوم بدورصياد في إحدى غابات الهنود الحمر حيث الطيور والحيوانات الهاربة من نيرانك، وعليك قنصها وتجميع النقاط التي تمكنك من شراء البنادق الأفضل لتسهيل عملية الصيد والانتقال للمراحل التالية. لعبة مجانية لنسختي الآي فون والآي باد.

Welcome to the world where everything is ruined and polluted by
radiation. Lots of animals mutated and became dangerous, therefore need
to be wiped out. Some of the humans are still sane while some of them got their screws loose and are up to no good. So start your hunt in the Zone Zero now!

- By default you have Mossberg pump action shotgun and unlimited amount
of ammo with low lethality. Kill those beasts and earn your cash for new
weapons and ammo.
- Don't kill civilians unless they become hostile! For every civilian
kill you pay $10 fine.
- Don't kill butterflies! Ecology needs them. Or you pay $5 fine.
- If you have Benelli or Sayga shotgun, you obtain automatic fire
ability. To make it work you have to hold your finger on the screen
while you shoot.

Three types of weapons:
- Mossberg - 5 rounds magazine
- Benelli - 8 rounds magazine (automatic fire)
- Syaga - 10 rounds magazine (automatic fire)

Three types of ammo with various fire power:
- 1.5 mm - low accuracy and low lethality
- 2.5 mm - medium accuracy and decent lethality
- 4.5 mm - high accuracy and great lethality

- Pripyat
- Moscow (Coming soon)
- London (Coming soon)
- New York (Coming soon)

Game center:
- compete with your buddies over the most amount of money made through
the game!

Happy hunting, dudes and dudettes!!!


البائع ZZ Best Games
تاريخ النشر 21 August 2012
الاصدار 1.1
الحجم 30.9 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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