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Alarm Clock turns your iPhone into a beautiful nightstand clock.

What some of our 1.5 million customers say:

"Simple and elegant! Crystal clean. Great work"
"Elegant analog style. Fits well with iPhone sleek design"
"Easy to see, easy to use and I like the dimmer"

The Pro Version of Alarm Clock offers you additional elegant features. It is time to wake up in style.


-Wake up with your favorite music
-Continue to snooze with just one tap
-Show detailed alarm time


"Simple and elegant! Crystal clean. Great work"
"Easy to see, easy to use and I like the dimmer"
"Elegant analog style. Fits well with iPhone sleek design"


There are thousands of alarm clocks available on the App Store, but none has the simplicity, functions and style of alarm clock. The clock really focuses on the essentials.


With just one touch you can turn your alarm on or off. Simply tap and move the green alarm hand in order to set your wake up time. Setting your alarm has never felt so natural. Just like a classical analog alarm clock, the alarm will go off once the hour hand reaches the alarm hand. By swiping down with one finger you can dim the screen, allowing for an undistracted sleep at night.


-Turn on/off alarm with just one tap
-One finger slide for screen dimming
-Automatic portrait and landscape display modes
-Also works in the background
-Focus on pure functionality
-Gorgeous clock face design

Note: Please make sure that the iPhone is not muted, when the app is in the background. If you like to be woken up by your music, the app needs to runs in the foreground.

Made in Germany to be enjoyed by you!

البائع Zuhanden GmbH
تاريخ النشر 28 March 2012
الاصدار 1.5
الحجم 4.4 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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