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إن اللغة الصينية تعتبر لمعظمنا مجرد خربشات لا قيمة لها وذلك بسبب عدم فهمنا لطريقة كتابة الصينية، ولكن ستفاجىء من خلال هذا التطبيق أن اللغة الصينية وهي لغة ليست أبجدية بأن لكل كلمة رسم خاص بها ذات معنى فمثلاً الخروج يمثل ساق تهم بالخروج خارج الكهف وهكذا كما يمكنك من التدرب على كتابة الكلمات الصينية وطريقة نطقها بالشكل الصحيح.

With Chinagram you can approach Chinese by discovering the meaning and origin of 240 of this language's most representative characters. Chinagram also includes a historical and a linguistic overview, which help you understand how Chinese writing has changed over the centuries and what its basic rules are today. With these pointers and the range of characters selected for the application, you can start building your vocabulary on solid grounds and really begin to discover Chinese and China.

Based on the book La scrittura cinese by Professor Yuan Huaqing, published in Italy by leading publishing house for languages, Vallardi, Chinagram offers you scrupulous content through an innovative graphic approach and the instant usability of the iPhone.
With Chinagram you can:
- Get an overview of the fascinating history of Chinese writing, from its origins 3,600 years ago to modern day
- Understand the logic behind the way Chinese characters are pronounced, written, composed and classified.
- Learn to recognize and read 240 characters.
- Practice writing each character by tracing it on the screen of your iPhone.
- Discover the ideas that gave rise to the original characters and see their evolution over the centuries, through six successive historical periods.
- Listen to the correct pronunciation of each character.
- See each character's phonetic Pinyin transcription.
- Easily save and recall your favorite characters.
- Learn more about Chinese culture and language, with examples of how each word in used in idioms and everyday conversation.

As the new millennium sees China as one of the fastest-changing countries in the world, an understanding of Chinese writing can give you deep insight into the roots of this emerging power. In fact, each ideogram is not only an example of calligraphic art, but also a distillation of the country's ancient values and traditional culture.

The application tells the story of Chinese writing, explaining its rationale and showing its beauty, sign after sign. Try your hand at ideograms and learn more about one of the great cultures of the Orient.

البائع Vallardi
تاريخ النشر 24 January 2012
الاصدار 1.5.0
الحجم 82.8 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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