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هل تواجه مشكلة أنك كلما ذهبت إلى التسوق فإنك تنسى ما الذي كان عليك شراءه؟ أو أن زوجتك تخبرك بقائمة مشتروات وتنسي ما طلبت أو أنها تغير الكثير من الطلبات وترهقك؟ إليك تطبيق Buy Me a Pie الذي يحل لك هذه المشكلة ، التطبيق عبارة عن قائمة تسوق فعندما تريد الذهاب إلى السوق قم بإنشاء قوائم تسوق التي تريدها بالمنتجات والكميات ، التطبيق يعطيك إمكانية إنشاء أكثر من قائمة وهو الأمر المفيد في حالة كونك تسوق من أكثر من مكان ، كما أن التطبيق يدعم ميزة المزامنة فإذا قمت بشراء أي سلعة فإنك تشطبها من القائمة لتعلم زوجتك أنك اشتريتها كما أنها تستطيع إضافة أي سلعة جديدة للقائمة من جهاز الآي فون أو الآي بود أو الآي باد الخاص بها أو حتى في حالة إمتلاكك أنت فقط آي فون وهى تمتلك جهاز آخر فيمكنها الدخول على موقع الشركة عبر هذا الرابط والتعديل على القائمة لديك وسوف يظهر لك تنبيه على شاشة جهازك أن القائمة قد تغيرت

How many times have you returned from a store only to realize you've forgotten something? This beautifully designed app allows you to make lists and sync them with your family so they can add items on the go.

** A new Buy Me a Pie! specially designed for iOS 7 is also available on the App Store at:!-grocery-shopping/id725418306 **

Why you need this app:

- Save Time: With the list to hand you spend less time shopping
- Save Money: With the shopping list prepared in advance you only buy what you need
- Stop Aggravation: Avoid double purchases in your family Never forget to buy grocery items due to bad memory anymore
- Save the Environment: Reduce paper usage by using our app

Top features:

- Automatic synchronization: Keep your lists in sync with those of your family or friends
- Multi-platform: Use it on iPhone, iPad and just about any device by going to Buymeapiecom website
- Simplicity: Our app is used by both children and seniors We constantly work hard to make every part of the app as simple to use as possible
- Smart grouping: Simply assign a color to the items belonging to the same group (eg store aisle) and the app will then group the items in the list automatically
- Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter
- Word prompter: The app will automatically suggest a word upon entering a few letters so you can quickly add items to a list
- Up-to-date lists: See every change to your lists in real-time Also get push notification about changes
- Set up synchronization among all of your devices with a single BUMP gesture
- Change language of the dictionary in the app settings
- Create and manage multiple lists
- Use the app the way you like, portrait or landscape
- Send your lists via text message or email
- Easily duplicate your lists
- Pull up the list to clear all checked items
- Use 'pinch' to navigate your lists
- Tap the time bar to scroll up the list
- Turn off the auto screen lock option in the app settings

What others say:

Featured by Apple App Store in Food & Drink and Productivity categories, was selected as App of The Weeks.

appPicker: "This is what I’d like to think of as a grocery list app done right! Buy Me a Pie! makes it easier than you could ever imagine to quickly create grocery lists, and with color-coding, predictive text, and a vast database of common food and lifestyle items, you’ll be able to save time and paper on your next trip to the supermarket."

The Washington Post - "Buy Me a Pie! lets users see their lists and update in real time."

by JDP - "I've tried several similar apps, and this is by far the easiest and the best!!"

Download this app now to improve your shopping experience, save time and money.

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تاريخ النشر 10 January 2012
الاصدار 3.5.7
الحجم 24.3 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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