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احصل على مزيد من الخصوصية لحفظ صورك العائلية والخاصة مع هذا التطبيق الذي يعتبر من أكثر تطبيقات حفظ الصور تحميلاً، فهو يقوم بحفظ الصور بالقفل النقطي الشهير ويمكن فرزها وتصنيفها بملفات حسب كل صورة بعدد لا محدود من الملفات كما يمكن نقل الصور بين المجلدات وأيضاً يمكنك من مشاركة الصور عن طريق تويتر وفيسبوك والبريد الإلكتروني

Friends or family taking your iPhone?! If you’re anything like us, you don’t like nosy intruders peeking on the Camera Roll. So Photo Guard will help you make your personal life really personal.

Protecting the images is the thing Photo Guard does perfectly. Drawing an entangled line for a pattern lock is faster than entering a bulky passcode. Besides, it’s not so boring. And if anyone tries to access the locked pictures, Photo Guard makes a shot. Thus it enables you to take precautions against the snoopy ones.

Photo Guard is also the best secure photo manager for your device. You don’t need any other tool to handle your picture library. Easy private albums managing, photos viewing and sharing make Photo Guard perfect for iPhonographers.

Photo Guard ultimate features:

Get the ultimate protection easily
- Photos protection. All your photos are stored within the app. There is no other way to access them
- Easy pattern lock. Drawing the pattern is the fastest and the easiest way to open your personal album

Manage the images in a couple of taps
- Unlimited personal albums. Handle your photo library and group your images the way you like
- Import and export photos in bulk. Tick off all the images you need and transfer them with a single tap
- Easy image viewing. Built-in viewer with multiple options
- Copy&Paste. Use the clipboard to move pictures between albums
- Rapid shot mode. You are able to instantly make as many photos as you want

Share your feelings in a single tap
- Effortless sending. Share images via email
- Syncing up. Transfer photos to Mac via iTunes shared folder

• You will be prompted to set up a pattern when you launch Photo Guard for the first time. Remember it well! If you forget the pattern you won’t be able to access your photos.
• Photo Guard will request to use your location when you import photos for the first time. Please select "Allow"; otherwise the app will not be able to access your photo library. It’s an iOS limitation.
• Once you import your photos into the Photo Guard you must delete them from the built-in Photo application manually.

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