Pull The Donkey Eeyore



اللعبة سهلة وممتعة كل ماعليك هو محاولة جر الحمار حتى النهاية والفوز بالنقاط

★ Pull the rope, tilt your device and SHOUT on the donkey.. Then he will move over the finish line ★
★★★ Another super funny game from creators of "Milk The Cow" ★★★
"Pull me if you can! I’m too much obstinate and don't think that you’ll pacify me! You can use my hints below not to feel yourself as LOOSER! :)"

use physics and help yourself by tilting your device
Use your sweetest voice to shout on me (maybe you are lucky and I’ll be afraid of it ;) )

I’m here for you!

DO your best and enjoy taste of victory over Lazy donkey!

DId you know that donkey is the most obstinacy animal in the world? If he deciedes not to follow you than he won't do it :)

Your mission is pull the donkey as fast and as stronger as you can. You can pull it! You can do it! You can beat him!

If it is hard for you to pull to donkey try tilting your device or even shout to the donkey :)

If you like donkey please rate it with 5 stars on appstore. It motivates us to make our products even better. Thanks!

البائع Lemondo Entertainment
تاريخ النشر 21 December 2011
الاصدار 1.2
الحجم 5.8 MB
تقييم المتجر 3.5

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