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لعبة رياضية رائعة ففي هذه اللعبة لن تكون مجرد لاعب يقوم بلعب المباراة ولكن أن ستكون مسؤول عن إدارة فريقك الخاص بأكمله من ناحية التدريبات ووضع الخطط للمبارايات وعمل صفقات للاعبين جدد وتطوير ملعبك الخاص إضافة الحصول على راعي لفريقك وتوزيع أموال ناديك بالشكل الأمثل لتصعد به إلى الدرجة الأولى، إضافة لتفاصيل الصغيرة كعمل الزي الموحد والشعار ناديك كما يمكنك من اللعب مع أصدقاءك على الفيسبوك ونوادي أخرى من كافة أنحاء العالم، لعبة استراتيجية تستحق التجربة وخاصة أنه يدعم اللغة العربية ويونيفرسال

Top Eleven is celebrating its 10th birthday! Join us on this special occasion to mark this milestone with rewards and gifts throughout the season, as well as some awesome new features! Don’t miss it!

Play the award-winning hit soccer game Top Eleven 2020 and enjoy the brand new features designed to take the realism and excitement of building your own legacy to the next level.

With over 200 million registered players, this legendary mobile soccer management game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time!

Team Up With Your Friends

Show your friends who’s the boss of the soccer field! With the all new Friendly Championships feature, you’ll be able to play with your friends in custom League competitions!

Score Amazing Rewards

From Special Sponsor Events to daily gifts, there are so many awesome rewards to grab with everything you do! Pick them up when you lead your team on the road to soccer trophies!

Build Your Own Soccer Club

Your place in soccer history awaits! Put your stamp on every part of your club from Day 1. From building your stadium to picking the team on match day, in Top Eleven 2020, what you say goes! Win the hearts of your fans and create a soccer club that will deliver the dream of trophies and wins every season!

Run custom training sessions, develop tactics, select and design soccer kits and more!

Manage Your Dream Team

Discover, sign and coach top players who will bring your club success! Whether it’s the next League Top Scorer or the goalkeeper who will keep your net safe for years, it’s up to you to find world-class players and create the formations and tactics that other Soccer Managers will fear!

Motivate your stars through League, Cup, Champions League and Super League competitions and become a champion!

Outsmart The Competition

The best Managers in the world are waiting to challenge you. Top Eleven 2020 is played in every country on earth, and there is always a coach looking for a game, including The Special One – José Mourinho! Set up your team to outwit and outsmart your opponents on a daily basis and earn global bragging rights.

Master New Ways To Play

Enter your best squad in Top Eleven’s Live Events and Challenges! New limited-time competitions hit the pitch all the time, including PVE events against some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world!

Collect exclusive items and unlock incredible players to join your team during these fun games! Look out for in-game info to find out when they’re starting!

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البائع Nordeus
تاريخ النشر 20 November 2011
الاصدار 10.4.1
الحجم 286.2 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.6702

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