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تطبيق صور يقوم بتغيير الألوان لتبدو وصورك وأنا مرسومة وليست ملتقطة بالكاميرا. التطبيق يحتوي على الكثير من الأدوات التي تساعدك على إخراج صورتك بالشكل الذي تريده

Add effects and a feeling of expressive art to your photos. You easily apply photo brushes to make your photos into paintings.

PhotoViva is a fun app to draw on pictures. A friendly user interface makes PhotoViva, the easiest app with photo brushes. In short time you will be painting photos to share with your friends.

After some practice you will master the brushes, and then PhotoViva becomes great fun. All you need is your imagination to drive your painting!

PhotoViva has 20 kinds of amazing art photo brushes. You set the brushes’ direction. You change the hue, saturation and blur of the brush strokes as your painting is happening. If you are in a lazy mood, this amazing app has an auto painting photo mode.

My name is Paul I’m the creator of the PhotoViva App. You’re welcome to contact me anytime at:

Thank You for using PhotoViva!

Photo Paintings Gallery:

Photo Paintings Support & Video Tutorial:

What's New in Version 3.40

We are now celebrating more than 2,000,000 downloads! The new version, with no bugs, is easier than ever. It lets you make photo paintings in any style.

You are the one who can use 20 kinds of art photo brushes. Sketch photos, cool photo effects, photo frames and a lot of fun are waiting for you.

البائع Lamina Design
تاريخ النشر 29 August 2011
الاصدار 3.40
الحجم 18.9 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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