Powers of Minus Ten



As seen on the new iPad commercial, Powers of Minus Ten lets you zoom in to explore human cells and molecules! Discover some of the basic concepts in biology and learn about the structures of a few of the key cells, proteins, and molecules found in our bodies. * 2011 App Store Rewind under Best Educational App!

* Best Serious Game at Unite in Amsterdam, Unity Technologies' annual conference
* Finalist/Honorable mention Best Interactive Game, 2011 Science Visualization Challenge
* Featured by Apple in the 2011 App Store Rewind under Best Educational App for iPhone
* Featured by Apple under New & Noteworthy

POMT is...

- meant to be a general introduction to the science behind cells and genetics
- an ever-expanding visual guide to the microcosm (More content is constantly in the works)
- a relatively seamless zooming experience that emphasizes the interconnectedness of life's processes at different levels of magnification
- originally developed to supplement late middle school to early high school introductory science curriculum

Produced with funding from the National Science Foundation, Powers of Minus Ten is perfect for a general introduction to the structures of the cell and key molecular processes.

The iPad version includes instructional mini-games.

Topics covered include: mitosis, transcription, translation, cell parts, and DNA replication.

البائع Dynamoid Apps, LLC
تاريخ النشر 06 April 2011
الاصدار 3.6
الحجم 148.1 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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