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Get organized! Conquer numbers on the go. Digits 3 is a top-to-bottom rewrite made for the latest iOS and devices.

We're human. We're busy. We make mistakes. So we designed a calculator for humans, from the ground up. Digits combines the editability of a spreadsheet with the simplicity of a calculator. Digits is a calculator a human can love.

So, why do so many humans love Digits? Its uniquely correctable tape means never worrying if you entered a calculation correctly. Make a mistake? Tap any entry on the tape to correct it (or edit, insert, copy and more). Then, add a label/comment and email or print the tape.

Digits is Shift’s highly-rated iOS calculator app that features an intuitive, fully correctable and editable line-by-line tape history. It uniquely provides spreadsheet-like editing with calculator-level simplicity. Tapes are stored as documents so groups of calculations can be stored and edited conveniently. Comments can be added to each calculation line, making the app ideal for expense tracking and budgeting.

Digits 3 highlights:
• An updated, polished user interface with buttery-smooth interaction.
• Dark Mode and detailed color and sound customization.
• Multi-threaded processing for desktop-level performance.
• In-app upgrades, starting with Tape Document sharing (via Messages, Mail, Dropbox and other popular file sharing services).
• Built from the ground up with support for 64-bit and the latest iOS/hardware.
• Designed to maximize resolution on devices like the iPhone X.
• Split View support on iPad for side-by-side work.
• Expanded in-app help.
• Accessibility VoiceOver support.

How Digits earned its stars:
• Spreadsheet-like editing with calculator-level simplicity.
• Fully correctable and editable line-by-line tape history.
• Fluidly enter values, label and email or print.
• Double-check and correct entries with ease.
• Export Tape Documents in a variety of formats.

Button functions:
Delete row, backspace, clear all, clear, memory, memory plus, memory minus, plus or minus, tape browser, percent, export, settings, shop, tips, help, edit, insert, total, copy, use, comment, flag, sin, cos, tan, square, cube, exponent, square root, cube root, root, inverse, Euler, Pi, add, subtract, multiply, divide, total.

البائع Shift
تاريخ النشر 01 April 2010
الاصدار 3.1.2
الحجم 30.4 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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