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جزء رئيسى في كل مناهج التعليم للأطفال هو دراسة المجموعة الشمسيه ووضع الارض بها والأقمار وأيهم يدور حول الآخر ومدة دورانه وغيرها من المعلومات الأساسية، ولكن كان من الصعب دائماً تخيل العلاقات المعقدة خاصة وأن كل كوكب يدور حول الشمس وحول نفسه وحوله أقمار تدور حوله وحول نفسها أيضاً فكيف يمكن للطفل فهم ذلك؟ الآن يمكنك بواسطة هذا التطبيق أن تعلم أطفالك الكثير حول المجموعة الشمسية والأقمار والمجموعات النجمية وأسماءها من خلال هذا التطبيق الذى يعرض كل ذلك من خلال صور ثلاثية الابعاد دقيقة تمنحك القدره علي استكشاف المجموعة الشمسية وكأنك تتجول فيها، التطبيق مُسلى للأطفال ولكل من لديهم فضول لمعرفة تلك المعلومات وهو فائز بجائزة افضل تطبيق تعليمي من اختيار الاباء

Solar Walk is an amazing 3D model of our Solar system bringing the universe to the palm of your hand and allowing you to interact with planets, satellites, moons, comets and other space objects anytime and anywhere.

Start your fascinating journey through the realms of space and learn more about the universe we live in!

*** Over 6 million users!***
*** National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) - GOLD winner in the Educational Tools for Parents and Children category! ***
*** A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner ***

“Simply amazing.” - Macworld

“Solar Walk serves up a visually impressive 3D model of our solar system. Set against a haunting, atmospheric soundscape, the app shows planets and satellites in their correct positions, and offers mini movies, facts and other related tidbits.” - TNW

“This jaw-dropping app provides a wholly interactive 3D model of our solar system, one that’s had me hooked for days. It’s the kind of thing you can imagine a science teacher using in the classroom of the future — except that we don’t have to wait.” - CNet

“Zoom from Mercury to Pluto (which makes the cut in this app), passing each planet’s moons along the way. Because Solar Walk knows what time it is, the planets are in proper orientation to the Sun: Earth is dark where it is currently night and gradually lightens to daytime on the other side.” - NY Times

"It's great for showing my students the relative positions of the planets in the solar system, the satellites orbiting the Earth and our place in the galaxy. Awesome with a smartboard as well." - by jbrown61

Solar Walk enables you to:

► Observe 3D model of our Solar system with all its objects in real time and in a ​proper orientation. Turn into an astronomer and explore planets, moons, satellites, asteroids, dwarf planets, comets, stars and other celestial bodies. Enjoy gorgeous graphics and visuals while navigating through the solar system!

► Make virtual flights from one space object to another.

► Travel in time and see what the universe and our Solar system looked like at a certain period.

► Find an exciting view of the Milky Way Galaxy.

► Watch a collection of educational solar system movies to learn about space-related topics including Earth's moon phases, Earth's cycles, tidal phenomena, and zodiacal constellations.*

► Enjoy 3D planetarium with the help of special glasses and activating the anaglyph mode.

► Share interesting screenshots of the app with your friends.

► Choose the view mode comfortable for you (orrery/true-to-scale).

*Available through In-App Purchases.

Solar Walk is a great educational tool appropriate for both adults and children. The amount of information users can learn about the planets, moons, satellites and other celestial bodies is impressive. Information is age appropriate, detailed and animated video clips make learning our solar system even more engaging!

The entire Solar system can be explored with Solar Walk app!

البائع Vito Technology Inc.
تاريخ النشر 01 April 2010
الاصدار 2.5.0
الحجم 436.3 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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