كيف يتعلم الأطفال الكلام؟ تشير للطفل على شيء ثم تقول له اسمه، بهذه البساطة. هذه بالضبط هي فكرة هذا التطبيق الذي يقوم بتعليمك لغة جديدة عن طريق أكثر اسلوب بسيط ومضمون في التعلم، فقط قم بوضع كاميرا الهاتف على اشياء حولك وسوف يخبرك التطبيق باسمها باللغة التي ترغب في تعلمها، التطبيق لا يتعرف على كل ما حولك ولكن يقوم بتوجيهك لكي تكتشف العناصر التي يدعمها

DisDat is a newly released iOS app, that allows you to learn a new lanugage the way a child would learn a language: by pointing at objects and asking what it is. It detects 120 unique objects, and names them for you. It even indicates the article in languages that have different gendered articles (French, Spanish, ...)

Your goal is to collect all 120 words, divided over 22 categories. You do so by going out on the street, walk around your house and scan objects around you.

A quiz to practise your newly learned words is coming soon.

DisDat takes full advantage of Apple's newly released Core ML. We developed a custom made machine learning algorithm that classifies the objects you point at. Because of this, object recognition is lighting fast, and happens on your device.

This iOS exclusive app will help you to start learning the language you always wanted to learn.

DisDat requires iOS 11.

Note: continuous use of the app can consume significant battery power. This is due to the machine learning happening on the device.

البائع Balloon Inc. VOF
تاريخ النشر 19 September 2017
الاصدار 1.1
الحجم 97.2 MB
تقييم المتجر 0

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