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تحذير (هذا التطبيق ليس لأصحاب القلوب الضعيفة)، لماذا لأنه محاكاة واقعية جداً للمنظار الطبي، اي انك تقوم بإدخال منظار داخل فم المريض وتتحكم به عن طريق جهازك وهناك مهام معينة يجب القيام بها لعلاجه، التطبيق يصلح للأطباء ولكن يصلح ايضاً لكل شخص لديه الشجاعة في لرؤية ما بداخل الإنسان بشكل واقعي

Perform challenging airway procedures, sharpen your intubation skills, and earn CME with Airway Ex, the first professional video game for practicing Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and medical professionals who perform airway procedures. Airway Ex is a free app for iPhone and iPad.

In Airway Ex, you can:
- Explore realistic airway procedures recreated from real cases submitted by doctors
- Train on the latest endoscopic devices with realistic range of motion, lens optics, and scope behaviors
- Earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits when you play through cases
- Get scored on skill, speed, damage, bleeding, navigation, recall, and more
- Treat patients that are responsive with changes in tissue behavior, breathing, bleeding, and fluids/secretions
- Monitor responsive Sp02 and HR vital signs based on stability or distress caused to virtual patient

Our app provides unprecedented medical realism, enabled by the accurate simulation of human tissue dynamics, realistic scope optics, and moving fluids to recreate life-like airway procedures. We also provide a new modality for earning continuing medical education (CME) credits for completing airway procedures in-app.

Virtual patient cases are modeled from actual surgical procedures submitted by doctors. Each case is vetted by medical experts with clinical simulation training experience from top hospitals. Airway Ex lets you train using ultra-realistic patient scenarios with high-quality, immersive simulations.

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البائع Level Ex, Inc.
تاريخ النشر 05 October 2016
الاصدار 1.6.3
الحجم 184.9 MB
تقييم المتجر 4.5

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