A Weather Way

• Dynamic Home Screen: See an animated hourly forecast of your day and how impacts your daily routine or activity
• Routine editor to create personalized daily routines using an activities icon library.
• Forecasts: Hour by hour for 48 hours and 7-day forecasts.
• Detailed Current Conditions: Current, hourly, higher and lower temperature, “Feels like” temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, and daily summary.
• Social Weather: One tap sharing so your family and friends can see how your day is looking
• You can get a glimpse of your day without launching the app turning on the widget on your today's view.
• Apple Watch support, up to four hours of your daily routine and a four day forecast on your wrist.

If you are looking for an app that is simple, that only includes the necessary information, but most importantly that allows you to literally visualize YOUR day, stop looking because there is finally a better way to see YOUR forecast, A Weather Way.

A Weather Way allows you to create a visual representation of your average day so you can see how the weather will impact your daily activity. Whether your plan is to go deep-sea diving in January, or skiing in April, this app will show you exactly what the weather will be at each hour of your daily routine, along with customizable and animated icons to represent what activity you will be doing at that time. You can re-create up to seven daily routines per week for up to ten distinct locations, check how your dad’s sailing weekend looks or your trip over the mountains.

With a library of more than 50 icons you’ll for sure be able to find a representation of your house, favorite food truck, or your way to commute- even if it's by helicopter.

A Weather Way also shows you an intuitive seven day forecast representation. If by the end of the week that cool blue is turning grey, get ready to get your coat out of the closet. If that warm yellow is fading into red, then you can expect a hot day on the beach over the weekend.

البائع Alfred Astort
تاريخ النشر 09 February 2016
الاصدار 3.6
الحجم 116.6 MB
تقييم المتجر 4

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