VideoSlam - Instant Video Compilations from your Videos and Photos



Grab days, weeks, months or albums of videos or photos in 1 tap. Automatically create a fast-paced compilation movie of your memories.

Featured Best New App worldwide in the AppStore.

“A fast-moving summary...Quickly assemble a video of your moments with little how we can explore the past.” - TechCrunch

“Easily, automatically whip up a "day in the life" composite video from clips that might otherwise stay trapped in your phone.” - MacWorld

“Do you take a lot of videos each day, and have no clue how to keep on top of them? VideoSlam helps a ton with that.” - 148apps

Automatically add dates, times, locations and more.Turn the speed all the way up and watch your life flash back before you. VideoSlam finds your stories and throws them back at you in a way you can watch and enjoy without any effort.

Great for effortlessly sharing behind the scenes footage, event impressions, family videos, travel movies, vlogs, weekly videos and more.

VideoSlam in 4 Easy Steps
1. Select hours, days, weeks and months of videos and photos in one tap.
2. VideoSlam automatically creates a short, fast, shareable movie of your moments.
3. Add dates, time, locations and more with themes. Great for Travel, Behind the Scenes, sneak peeks, Family videos, Video Diary, Flashbacks, Recaps and more.
4. Change the pace of your movie in one swipe.

VideoSlam assembles in seconds what would take hours to manually assemble with an editor. Optimised for speed and stability.

In one tap select: Last Hour, 24 Hours, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month, 2-6 Months Ago, This Month Last Year, Custom Albums and more. Great way to save your moments in a watchable format.

Make a VideoSlam from only your videos, only your photos, or a mix of both. It’s up to you!

In one tap grab all the videos and/or photos from today and automatically create a 15 sec movie

Choose from a variety of Themes (includes IAPs): Pick from Behind the Scenes, Travel, 1 Sec a Day, Weekly and Monthly titles and more!

* ADD SOUNDTRACK* (Edit In-App Purchase)
Select a track from the songs on your phone and add it as a soundtrack. Or make your VideoSlam silent with the mute option.

*DELETE CLIPS* (Edit In-App Purchase)
Delete clips from a movie with this simple tool

Automatically compress everything you shot today into 1 second!

Add alerts to notify you to remember to film. Great for filming a second a day, a weekly, monthly review and more.

VideoSlam coaches you through the process of capturing your moments and setting up series to help make it as easy as possible.

To Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more.

No uploading to servers for assembly, pulls from your camera roll so no extra space is taken!

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Instagram: @videoslam #VideoSlam

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